Howdy! ( A colloquial greeting of "How do you do" in Texas)

Today I'll talk about blackmail and situations that you deal with people and when you have to persuade, convince or obtain something from someone.

Blackmail: When you obtain money, information, etc. through threat or intimidation.

Threat: ameaça

Did you have to blackmail him to buy the house?
Você teve que chantageá-lo pra comprar a casa?

In other situations, when you are concerned or you have to realize or pay attention about something you can say that you need a "wake-up call":

Wake-up call: se dar conta de; prestar atenção
Mary needed a wake up call to realize that she was wrong about her test.
Mary precisou se dar conta de que estava errada sobre o teste.

Usually when you are blackmailing someone, you are  jerking around:

Jerk around: Manipular, sacanear

John is always jerking around his co-workers in the office.
John está sempre sacaneando os seus colegas de trabalho no escritório.

That's it! :)

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