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Well, I'm back now to give some more hints about online dictionaries and some about phrasal verbs.
I recently got a website about phrasal verbs that I thought as being very helpful for us (students) to look up for them when we're reading or even writting.

This website I found by chance when I was googling (a north american neologism to reseach using google site) and I got very curious so I started looking at it. After researching I realized that it's very useful. At the first page you have the explanation of what is a phrasal verb and you can also find them by typing only the verb (like "look") and the site will give you a list of phrasal verbs with this, or you can find by the preposition (like "up") or better, you can find by alphabetical order.
When you find the phrasal verb you want, you also have some examples and the explanation about the meaning.

If you don't feel confortable with an online dictionary, you can have a physical one, and you can find it in some bookstores close to you. This one in the link below is a good dictionary:

Well, about online dictionaries in general, I indicate you my favorite one, which is fast and simple. Check this out:

The dictionary can translate the word to English-English (with the English definition), English-Portuguese or even to other languages. This is such a good dictionary to have a faster search.

Another one to have a faster search too:

For expressions and slangs, this is a good option, but it's English-English. It's a kind of wikipedia due the possibility that anyone can write there, but in a very informal way:

Well, that's it. I hope that they'll be useful for you!

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