Are you nuts?

Hello buddies! (buddy = friend)
What's up? ( What's up = How are you?)
Well, this post is about some slangs about stress and crazy things or situations.

Do you want to quit your job?Are you nuts?We need money!!
(Você quer se despedir?Você tá louco?Precisamos de dinheiro!)
quit: stop, abandon, leave an activity.

So, this expression is used when you disapprove a situation that you think it's insane or impossible.

Go nuts
If another mosquito bites me, I'll go nuts!
(Se outro mosquito me picar, eu vou enlouquecer!)

Go nuts refers also to get impressed or excited about something.
My sister is going nuts with her wedding on Saturday.
(Minha irmã tá muito ansiosa com o casamento dela no sábado).

You can call somebody that is insane or crazy like an adjective.
He's nutty about going out with Jane.
(Ele é maluco em sair com a Jane).

Go crazy
Basically the same as go nuts. When you are getting stressed about something, or losing your mind.
If I stay one more minute close to her, I'll go crazy!
(Se eu ficar mais um minuto perto dela, eu vou enlouquecer!)

Go bananas
You go bananas when you have a crazy behavior, when you get very excited about something or very anxious.
Mary went bananas when she saw Brad Pitt at the hotel.
(Mary pirou quando ela viu o Brad Pitt no Hotel.)

Go off like a frog in a sock
When someone is out of control, getting insane like a frog would be in a sock.
Jason is going off like a frog in a sock because somebody drank his last beer.
(Jason está "pirando como um sapo em uma meia" porque alguém tomou a sua última cerveja).

Freak out
When you are out of control, when you get excited or emotional disestablished, like in panic.
When he saw his mother in a car accident, he freaked out.
(Quando ele viu a sua mãe em um acidente de carro, ele pirou).

Drive somebody crazy/mad
Girl you drive me crazy!
Garota, você me deixa louco!
I hope you guys won't freak out reading it!hahaha :D

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