Verbs Make x Do


The most common problem for the students from the English language is to define the differences between these verbs, mostly when both have the same meaning like make and do. The secret to understand these verbs is not to think of them as in Portuguese, but to memorize them as a word or expression that you learned before. When I say "memorize" I'm not suggesting you to decorate a list of expressions with them, it's just the contact with the language through magazines, books, songs, movies and etc that will make you assimilate these words.

Actually,there are no rules for the use of them, but usually do means to "perform" or "complete an action" and it is used with nouns referring to jobs connected with the home, while make generally means "to create, manufacture, prepare" and it is used with nouns referring to:

- plans: arrangement, choice, decision, plan
- traveling: journey, tour, trip, visit
- talking and sounds: comment, enquiry, noise, promise, remark, sound, speech, suggestion.

But remember that these nouns are not exactly a rule for the usage of make and do, but they are usually conected with them.

Well, that's all! ;)

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