Talk to strangers!

 Have you ever used a chat room before?But in English?
Well, this is a good hint for those who want to improve their second language and also meet new people through the internet.

Actually, chat rooms are kind of weird today, specially if we say it here in Brazil that we have "Uol chat rooms, Terra, IG "and others that I don't even know. But there are some english chatrooms that they are a little bit different. You have people from almost all the places over the world and you can talk to them using your knowledge. You can increase your self confidence by talking to a stranger on the internet in English.

Well...Is this safe?
I recommend it if you don't take it so serious, if you know what I mean. There are bad people and bad things everywhere, and it depends on you to handle these communication tools correctly. But it's good to use as a pastime for yourself.
These are some sites to practice:
This is a website where you don't need to registrate, use a nick name or anything else, you just go into a chat with a stranger without names or pictures, but if you want to have a little bit of contact you can choose a video chat if you have a webcam.
To participate you must have a webcam. This chatroulette is more for fun, you'll talk with foreigners but through a webcam and a chat like messenger (MSN). You may find the brazilian version, but if you really want to use what you learn, I advise you to use the american version.
This is such a good social networking website, and similar to Orkut. But what facebook provides, is more contact with English (if you use the English version) through news or informations about your favorite famous artists or writers, and you can have information about events, movies, TV shows and a lot of things in English and it gets more interesting if you have an American friend, or even a cousin or relatives abroad. You can post photos, have a profile and share things with everyone.
If you have twitter you may know that it's used not only for Americans but also for Brazilians, so it's a very good way to communicate with a native speaker and to know more about their "informal" way to speak, which is an important knowledge too. For those who don't know anything about it yet, this is a website where its aim is: sharing information in a very fast way and for everyone. If you want to be connected with your favorite artists and with what they are doing, you just need to create an account and you'll be able to see what the other people are doing and vice versa.
You can learn more about twitter and how to use it on the articles below. They are in Portuguese, by the way.

Another options
Well, if you want to talk in English with a friend, a relative or somebody else with a webcam of microphone through a program installed in your PC, I reccomend you:

MSN messenger

This one is similar to MSN messenger, and you can also create a free account (just to use with webcam,video and microphone) or you can pay it to make calls in a cheaper way. I've never tried to pay it before, but it seems trustworthy.

If you want to study but with a little help from other people, you should try:

Live Mocha
It's a good option for who wants to learn not only English, but also another languages by himself through the internet. This website is full of resources and very helpful even for the ones who are fluent or in an intermediate level. The website offers you free basic classes for beginner learners, a deepen content that is paid for a more completed course, and one of the most interesting resources, a community of users from the site where is possible to help the other students mutually. You have to create an account and indicate the language that you want to learn and you'll start with basic lessons, but to go further you need to pay a tax.


This is a famous and old site that is focused on teaching expressions and vocabulary for those who want to travel, what can be helpful on your trip for another country. To use this website you need to pay attention because it's a kind of messy to look for an specific topic or something. If you find the language that you want, a guide will be opened for you with some expressions and vocabulary as money, numbers, time and dates etc.

Well, that's it!:D

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