Kids and English

Hello buddies!
Do you have children?Do you want them to learn English, or improve it?
So here is the thing: I'm going to give some help with this issue, and also show some options for teachers and kids in how to improve their English through some resources on the internet.

Here there are some games for children, but all in English. You can also choose some games by the topic as Math, reading, spelling, vocabulary and others. Even if your kid has just started learning the language, you can help him to play the games to motivate him in learning the idiom.

This one is good as well for its games ans resources. You have the topics for each game as logic, math, memory game and others. The students can play according to his grade level: kindergarden, 1st to 3rd grades on.

This is such a good site, for both students and teachers. For students, they can practice with games, listening exercises, reading and videos but I think it's good for those ones who have already contact with the English language. There's a part of the site designated for the teachers explaining the options they have. But there are lots of printable activies with songs, videos and vocabulary.

That's all for now!See ya!

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